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How Soon Can I Bring In My Newborn?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Dr. Stacey giving Hosea his 1st gentle chiropractic adjustment. He is only 6 days old!

The answer? As soon as possible! Typically, parents that have been under care with us during conception + pregnancy bring their babes to us just DAYS after being born! Sometimes, we’re even the first trip on the way home from the hospital!

But why would your little babe need to be adjusted right from the start of life?

Because at birth, there are roughly 100 billion neurons already developed in a child’s brain! Few will be produced after this point in a child’s life rather, connections between these neurons will be made. During the first few years of life, essential neuro-developmental changes occur that are crucial to a child’s lifelong growth and development. This growth and development is way easier when you have a nervous system rooted in balance and ease. Enter, chiropractic.

We love raising healthy babies from the start! And we love that so many families trust us with their perfect little ones! No matter if your baby is struggling with colic or constipation OR if they’re completely healthy and happy, it’s never too early to see a pediatric chiropractor to make sure they’ve got the best start to life!

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