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Chiropratic Healing


You may not hear this word and immediately think of your nervous system and chiropractic…but maybe after you read this post you will.

is truly what nervous system based chiropractic is all about!

Access to what, you may ask?!

Access to HEALING!

See, our nervous systems can run in two modes:

STRESS MODE - where our nervous system is responding to the physical, chemical and emotional stressors in our lives.

REST MODE - where our nervous system is resting, repairing, fight colds, digesting food, growing, developing, and healing.

The thing about it, is that we are unable to run in both of these modes at the same time! So when our bodies are enduring more stress (hello, life) our nervous systems become stuck in fight or flight with no time spent in REST mode! This often times looks like a rundown immune system, low energy, difficulty sleeping, foggy concentration, slow digestion, and an increase pain and tension.

So chiropractic is essentially a way to help your body ACCESS healing, by hitting that rest mode! Every adjustment we do at Pine Coast is done with the intention of influencing the nervous system. The more ACCESS your body has to healing, rest and repair, the better you feel overall AND the better your body reacts and adapts to stress!

Pretty cool, huh?! If you feel like your nervous system is struggling with it’s ability to access it’s full healing potential, please reach out!

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