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Chiropractic Care is Like A Super Power

Neurology is a CRAZY thing! Between conception and age three, a child’s brain undergoes an insane amount of change. It DOUBLES in size its first year and by age three, its reached 80% of its adult volume!

All of this is why it’s a chiropractors dream to be able to adjust kiddos from the day they enter this world, before they have any “problems!” We might not think about it, but little ones go through a lot in a short amount of time! I always joke that adults can go through a minor slip and not think twice about calling their chiropractor, yet babies grow an inch overnight and have teeth popping through their gums and people will still look at you like you're crazy when you say you take your baby to a chiropractor!


Chiropractic is like a secret super power for your little babe

Help them adapt to these physical stressors and roll with the punches of life! Life is a whole lot easier when you don’t have a massive amount of stress on your system, so get your little one checked today!

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