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Stress, Anxiety & Poor Sleep

Stress, anxiety and poor sleep have, in our opinion, become an epidemic in this country.  Our society has become so fast paced.  We are over-scheduled, we do not invest enough time in ourselves & we are bombarded with information, all--the--time.  The noise and the demands just do not stop.  


All of this constant go, go, go living has left us depleted and in a regular state of fight or flight. In fight or flight your body internalizes this stress as if you are running from an actual tiger.  If you are running from a tiger it is not the time to be relaxed, digesting your food, conceiving a child or sleeping well.  It is time to be on high alert.  That is why those who are in this state often struggle with anxiety, digestive issues, infertility and poor sleep.

Our time spent on social media does not help.  Not only does it take a toll on us emotionally, with the constant comparing that often comes with it but the blue light from the screens affects our melatonin production as well.  Proper melatonin levels are essential for proper sleep. 

All of these stressors are being interpreted by our nervous system.  We often equate getting adjusted with hitting the control-alt-delete button on your computer.  It is a system reset.  It helps your body get out of that fight or flight state and into a more relaxed state of ease.  This state is conducive to feeling less stressed, more calm and sets the stage for a more restful night's sleep.

Adjustments Are a System Reset

Better Sleep
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