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What Stress Does to the Nervous System (and it's STRESSFUL right now) 😨😨

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Wow. It is a crazy time no matter where you are living. Here in Cumberland County, we're ending our second month of sheltering in place with our "back to life" date still unknown. That's tough. There's no way around the fact that things are filled with STRESS right now. 😨😨


Unfortunately, the added stressors to us all, are not only in the forms of every day stress but added financial stress,💵 e-learning stress,💻 cooped up in the house stress 🏠 and really just stress that seems to be in the air right now. Want to know the #1 most dangerous thing to our health? Stress. And we're living it right now. Our kids are living it too.


So, the question becomes how do I follow the guidelines in place, stay home AND take care of my health? That's where Pine Coast comes in.🌲 We are offering a New Patient voucher for only $47.


With lots of experience caring for kids 👧 and families, 👩‍👧‍👦we definitely notice extra stressful times bring extra sickness and struggles that aren't even coronavirus related. Just stress related. We want to help you change the current state of you and your family's stressed out nervous system.


With extra stress, the Immune System has to work overtime to deal with everything in the environment.  The Nervous System's ability to regulate emotions,😃😔😭 behavior and focus becomes suppressed and challenged more than usual.


Especially during these times, a way to measure and find out how well your nervous system 🧠 is working is hugely important! Wouldn’t it be great to know it’s functioning and performing at a healthy level or how to increase your body's ability to adapt to that stress?


Well, there absolutely is.  AND it only takes 15 minutes. AND we know there's never been a more important time for this, so we're offering the $47 New Patient special. As an essential Maine provider, we're doing all we can to keep our community healthy so we can keep people home and out of doctor's offices and hospitals as they combat this virus.  These specials are limited as our office follows all guidelines of social distancing and puts forth over the top and necessary cleaning procedures between patients. Because of these guidelines, we have to limit the offers we can provide. If you're not comfortable leaving the house right now but know your health is a priority, we can get you scheduled through May if you call us now to schedule that appointment.  This offer will include your first Personal Chiropractic Consultation, Neurological Stress Scans, and Doctor’s Report of Findings!  

For anyone who is looking for freedom from all the built up stress and tension of these past two months, we’ll be ready and waiting for you!  We know how life changing chiropractic care can be - we’ve seen thousands of lives changed with our own patients over the last 14+ years here in the Greater Portland Area!


Here Are Our Patients Top 5 Reported Changes:


●Better Coping with Emotional Stress

●Improved Sleep

●Improved Flexibility and Mobility

●Increased Energy Levels

●Happier Family Life


We promise you will find our office to be caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful with whatever you are going through.

To schedule this appointment, give us a call at 207-805-1350 and mention this offer. We'll be happy to get you scheduled!  Please click on the link below to print your voucher.  You will need to present it at the time of your appointment.  

This offer is available to family members of our existing patients.  Unfortunately, we have to exclude this offer from anyone who is currently on Medicare or is involved in a Worker's Comp or Personal Injury case.

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