Meet Kaitlin


Born and raised in Maine, I grew up with an adventurous and pioneering spirit. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in psychology, I packed my bags, kissed my goodbyes and headed off to Europe. Two years, seven countries and countless life experiences later, I settled back into my cozy roots in Maine with a teaching certificate in French. I spent the next 11 years as a French teacher building cherished relationships with children from elementary to high school, and opening their minds to the wonders of a foreign culture. Working with children was a calling for me, and it taught me invaluable lessons about resilience and the innate goodness in our hearts. I often say that I learned as much from my students about life as they learned from me. During my years teaching, I also used my summers as an opportunity to let my creativity flourish. I opened my own photography business in 2010, and poured more of my heart into capturing life’s beautiful moments and memories. 


What I’ve discovered about myself along my career path is that my driving force has always been helping others. Whether it be in a classroom or on a photoshoot, I strive to help people shine and see themselves in their greatest light. Becoming a part of the Pine Coast team has been a gift to me and only further fuels my soul. I see natural health as a journey and believe that each person holds an inner compass to their own healing. Throughout our lives we have experiences that can lead us to disconnect from our own internal resources. At Pine Coast I hope to be a guide in helping people reconnect and nourish their sense of self. I believe this becomes the foundation for building our own health and well-being and creating the life that we desire for ourselves.