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Meet Dr. Stacey

Dr. Stacey Cantrell

My passion with helping women and children started as a nanny working through college.  It further deepened while I was in chiropractic school where I focused on becoming certified in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic. 

I moved to Maine right after graduation and I have been practicing in the greater Portland area for over 18 years.  Five of those years I had the privilege of working with a very well known and respected OB/GYN.  During that time, I was able to really hone my skills working with women throughout pregnancy and beyond.  This frequently turned into me caring for their babies and then their partners often became patients as well.  This is exactly the practice I had dreamt of creating and I loved caring for the entire family.  

Over these last 18 years I have had the privilege of bearing witness to so many miracles:


--breech babies have found their ideal position for birth

--pregnant mamas have avoided C-sections and achieved the goals they have for their birth

--babies that have struggled to breastfeed have been able to nurse successfully

--people with debilitating headaches have had resolution of their symptoms

--babies struggling with colic, digestive issues and constipation have had improvement in their symptoms and often complete resolution

--adults with chronic pain that are struggling with depression, anxiety, lack of sleep and a poor quality of life have been able to become pain free and start living again

--adults and kiddos with frequent illnesses/poor immune function that found themselves on a constant rotation of antibiotics and medications have improved their immune systems, are sick less often and have decreased their antibiotic and medication use

--children with sensory/spectrum challenges have felt more at home in their bodies and have been able to sleep better, perform better at school and have healthier relationships with their parents and others

--I have been asked to come to the hospital to adjust newborns as soon after birth as possible

--I witnessed the birth of my friend’s baby and was able to adjust her daughter within minutes of being born

--I have traveled to Fiji and Peru for clinic abroad trips and adjusted hundreds of people, with every health challenge you can imagine, on those trips

All that being said, it is a privilege to serve this community and I am so thankful for chiropractic and its amazing ability to help young and old alike truly heal and thrive. It is my greatest honor to care for all of you, your babies and your families.

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