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Meet Dr. Mike

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As a chronic migraine and allergy sufferer in my youth, I found the relief I so desperately needed in chiropractic care.  Knowing how good I felt, without medications, I made it my life mission to share the health and wellness benefits of chiropractic care with others.

In 1999, I moved to the Boston area from Ohio to start my work as a chiropractor.  I found a love for Maine when I met my wife and we chose this great state to be our forever home with our two children.

During my 12 years of private practice I helped patients of all ages; 2 minute old infants just after birth to a senior woman 113 years old in Guatemala during a mission trip.  Assisting such a variety of patients and conditions helped me realize that helping to create wellness for entire families was my passion.  Although I enjoyed practicing on my own, I found working with other chiropractors to be a joy and am so excited to have co-created Pine Coast Chiropractic.

Providing a safe space for healing, fostering a sense of community and results-driven care are the three driving principles behind Pine Coast Chiropractic.  It is important to me that all feel welcome here and I do my best to help you achieve the results you are seeking.  

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