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Meet Chris


My philosophy for acupuncture and healthcare is very similar to my beliefs about all connections, in that healing and growth can occur when we are seen and heard without judgment. I strive to take a harm reduction approach and focus on meeting you where you are, while supporting you to take ownership of your health in all aspects of your well-being.


I first realized the transformative nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when I was living in San Francisco and was suffering from severe allergies, which lead to chronic stress. Although I wasn’t “cured”, my symptoms were drastically reduced which allowed me to show up for my life in a way I didn’t think was achievable. It wasn’t until 10 years later that I chose to pursue a career where I could make a positive impact in people’s lives in Maine. 


Your body has an innate ability to heal itself and acupuncture is a powerful tool that can address the root cause of imbalance to gently shift your body back into homeostasis. Together, we will discuss your health goals to move towards a balanced sense of well-being and I will cultivate a unique plan that is realistic for your lifestyle. Through every step of the way, I commit to listening to you and supporting you on this journey.

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